Experiencer's Speak Conferences


The first Experiencer's Speak event was held in 2012 and was founded by Twin Sisters Audrey & Debbie Hewins as the conference for their Starborn Support Group. It has attracted incredible souls, with incredible encounters that has seen people arrive from not just all over America, but Canada, South America, and Great Britain.


Past Speakers

Attendees at past Experiencer's Speak events have enjoyed listening to great lectures & presentations by respected names in Ufology. The event has been lucky to have the likes of Peter Robbins & Richard Dolan to act as its Master of Ceremonies too. 

Some of the most sought after names have captivated the audience with their talks. Past Speakers have included:

  • Travis Walton

  • Thom Reed

  • Nancy Du Tertre

  • Denise Stoner

  • Stanton Friedman

  • Steve Bassett

  • Jim Weiner

  • David Chace

  • Ray Hernandez

  • Charles Foltz

  • Eric Mitchell

  • Rion De'Rouen

  • Kathleen Marden

  • Mike Clelland

  • Linda Cortile

  • Yanick Aumond